Phallos Mortuus – X Anniversary Edition

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Last Chance, final return from the Vault, special X-Anniversary Edition, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Infestissumam. 

Phallos Mortuus – X Anniversary Edition. 
Limited to 2 units per customer. 

1 x Bible box case with Gold embossed artwork and red velvet lining.
1 x Divorce paper scroll with customized Ghost foil emblem.
1 x Ghost brushed metal logo pin.
1 x Bronze effect metal adult toy with molded Grucifix logo base.
1 x Silicone Papa Emeritus adult toy 

Box: L9in W7in D2in
Logo Charm: L3in W2in
Bronze Adult Toy : L3in W2in
Silicone Papa Adult Toy: L7in W2in

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