Extended Impera Box Set - Black Vinyl Edition

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Street Date - JULY 28

Extended Impera Box Set - limited to 2,200 copies worldwide. 

The Black Vinyl Edition features: 

  • Impera & Live from the Ministry EP Double Vinyl etching on Side D, enclosed in a 3D, die-cut jacket with light feature
  • 28-page Impera album booklet
  • Phantomime EP vinyl with exclusive jacket artwork
  • Unreleased cover “Stay” on 7”vinyl with etching on side B
  • 22-page thick bound photo book
  • 18x24 Spillways Poster
  • Ghost wax seal kit contained in a satin pouch with embroidered Ghost logo and three colored custom Ghost candles with three stamper designs
  • All enclosed in a matte lift lid box with a copper foil Ghost logo
  • Only 2,200 units available worldwide

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